Sunday, July 6, 2014

Des Papillons

"They stare at me while I crave you"

Some sketches from my recent trip to Annecy :)
If you're a little bemused as to why there is someone lying at my feet on the train, our return journey to Paris happened to coincide with the railway strikes - having to get on a 7am train with a few trains-worth of people led to Jeanne-Sylvette having no seat, but ultimately looking rather comfortable in her slumber :D
At one stop-off on the journey, a lady entered the carriage announcing at the top of her voice that she was traveling with 50 children and had booked the exact seats we were sitting in.....
As you can imagine, a muffled groan slipped from 50 tired festival goers (I mean who needs a seat more, reeeeally? Kids with fresh-little-legs and yet-to-be-compromised-from-animating-all-day-backs who could more easily fit into small spaces and who probably had a good night's sleep of 8 hours instead of 6 hours of intoxicated dancing OR us?) only to turn to cheers a few seconds later when we discovered she mistook our carriage for the adjacent one :D
Eyes closed once more to welcome some much needed sleep.

Life Drawing has been a regular thing of late, though I must admit since my last Life Drawing post I feel I'm in a rut. I'm constantly trying different mediums in the hope that something will click and when I think it does, it never seems to work out the second time around :D
This past week's session (not shown here) I was back on the ol' charcoal once more and started to feel some 'clickage' so I'll stick with that for now...

And as was customary a while back for me to share stories from interesting Life Drawing sessions on this blog, I have one which you may (or may not) like :D
I feel the need to add this...

The 5 minutes it takes to walk from the animation department over to the art department on the other side of the street where Life Drawing takes place (in a tiny, not really suitable for large-amounts-of-people-with-easels room), gives you enough time to wonder whether this week's model is male or female... and also whether you should be going drawing at all as you are a bit behind with your shot :D
The moment you walk in the room you get that moment of, "Ah it's a (insert sex here)" and from then, you very quickly make a judgement on whether you think they'll be good or not.

So this one time I had a, "Ah it's a guy" and as I was setting up, noticed he seemed a little agitated as he prepared his area to pose.... kind of like one of those secondary characters in an action movie that feels something's about to go wrong and has little beads of sweat running down their forehead as they nervously rub their hands and look around in eratic fashion and you know they're gonna get it :D

With the temperature having been turned up as he deemed it a bit chilly, he de-robed and began to enchaine some quick poses.

Verrry quickly I became aware, (as I'm sure the others did but it wasn't like I could say anything at that point :D), of a sticky substance that was being secreted at a time that perhaps wasn't the most appropriate - trailing and sticking to his legs as he moved from pose to pose.
I drew, leaving out this unnecessary detail from my drawings of course, but oh my gosh how the smell was intolerable!!!! O.o

At half-time we left for a water/fresh air break in the kitchen and to have a chance to look a each other and say, "what the...?!", a couple of us deciding that we wouldn't hang around for the second part. Upon returning to the room from a place where there was clean, cool air, you realised to what extent there was a thick, humid wall of bodily fluid odeur - BLEURGH. We left and the teacher apologised at the next session saying that she had never used this model before and that he had been recommended to her. I salute the brave few that stuck out the whole session :D
In all my life sessions over the years I've never witnessed/smelt that. Though at least I got a couple of inky drawings (above) which I liked... mainly from the back ;D

On a lighter note, Minions, the film I've been on for over a year now is coming out in... a years time(!) :D We have about four months left of animation and from what I've seen of the film so far, I gotta say visually, it looks pretty stunning - I always gasp when I see newly finished composited shots *w*!!
I was pretty happy as these last couple of weeks I was working on THE shot in the film which is meant to make people go, "Aww!!!", which I felt lucky to have - I'm guessing it was a coincidence as in DM2 I had the 'Aww' shot with Agnes at the end... or maybe it's just because I'm a big softy? :D

Anyway, epic post over ;P Enjoy your holidays those of you that have some! (lucky so and sos) n.n

OH! I have a Tumblr now, so those of you who prefer to tumble can follow my work there, though, if you want more amazing bodily fluid stories, you'll find them only here ;DD

'Till the Next,

enchaine (from verb enchainer) in this case means, to string together. I've noticed sometimes I can't find the English word for something :D

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hammer & Anvil

'Till the Next,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

THE LINE - Animation Podcast

My buddies over at THE LINE have been very busy recently.
Not only are they producing top quality work, but they have also been interviewing Animation Professionals as part of their PegBar & Grill resource. As well as putting up new and inspiring animation content on the site for all of us nerds, these podcasts offer an invaluable insight into the working life of those in the game.
Episode 4 features fellow Bournemouth alum, Aya Suzuki, and it's the best yet. For anyone remotely interested in how the Japanese Animation industry works, the transition between European to Japanese working methods and what it's like to work for Satoshi Kon & Hayao Miyazaki, then this is for you.

The previous episode features Ant Blades (aka BirdBox Studios) and from what I hear they've got a whole load of other interesting folk lined up, so subscribe to them on iTunes and show some love :)

'Till the Next,

Mes amis chez THE LINE a Londres font des podcasts hyper intéressant en parlant avec des gens qui bossent dans l'animation. Cette épisode ils parlent avec Aya Suzuki qui a bosser en tant qu'animateur en Europe et au Japon, pour des réals comme Sylvain Chomet, Satoshi Kon et Hayao Miyazaki. C'est en Anglais et ils ont tous des accents différents ;D mais si vous voulez oser, ça vaux le coup! Il y aura pleins d'autres épisodes avec des gens archi cool donc il faut s’inscrire sur iTunes ;P

Thursday, April 3, 2014


"I'm already born I'm already wise"

The last time I posted some Life Drawing you may have noticed I made some Gifs with the quicker poses. I liked the way one pose could lead to another, even if it wasn't in the order the model themselves proceeded (it's an occupational hazard to want to make things move :3).

I don't know about you, but I find 30 second poses quite tricky, which is why I keep them pretty small and all together on one page. Looking upon a recent sheet of 30 second poses, it was almost like I was given a catalogue of Key frames and told to make some kind of movement. I started to think, which ones could I use for a breakdown?

I love breakdowns :) I love the fact you can take two poses and go from one to the other however the hell you want. We are often told to focus on the Key poses, the storytelling poses, but how you go from A to B not only defines the style of animation - Realistic? Cartoony? - it defines the physical properties of the thing that's moving. You could have two tests with the same keys but everything will change depending on how you chose to play with lovely things like anticipation and overlap and overshoot and spacing and bla bla bla...

So case in point.
From my page of poses above, I chose two keys (RED) and a few possible breakdowns ((BLUE=standard)(YELLOW=Overly Ambitious!)).

The images on the left are simply the Keys and Breakdown, and the images on the right is how I might consider going out/in to them. They both have the same timing (even if the Gifs annoyingly become out of sync?!?! u.u)

As you can see, same keys, but completely different outcome n.n
The one below is a bit crazy - I added in an extra drawing from the page (GREY) but they don't really work together - the arms and head don't flow properly... BUT it was well worth a shot ;P

Apart from seeing breakdowns everywhere I look, I've also been trying to experiment with different mediums a little n.n
I like using ink *w*

And to finish off, these were my efforts from this weeks session. I like the method I stumbled upon towards the end (10 min poses)... a mixed media barrage of Ink, Conté with water and Ebony Pencil.... though my mark making was a little too delicate for the scanner to really pick it up...

Regular Life Drawing partners in crime, Nölwenn and Nico's work can be seen by clicking on their respective names.
But Nico hasn't created his Tumblr yet, so....
HEY NICO!! Dépêche-toi pour que je puisse mettre le lien ;P

I'll just take the opportunity to wish all you Final Year Animation students, (be it Bournemouth, Gobelins, or wherever!) the best of luck finishing off your grad films over the next couple of months!!!

'Till the Next,

P.S That's the closest thing I've done to 2d animation in 2 years :'D

Du coup, j'aime bien le fait que les poses courts, quand ils sont tous organisé sur une feuille, donnent l'impression d'etre des poses clés. J'en profite et imagine quelle pose peut être le Breakdown et.... voila ce qui se passe :3 On peut prendre les mêmes clés, mais la façon de bouger entre les deux est ce que va déterminer le style d'anim.
ET bon courage pour tous les étudiants en dernière année en ces temps très douloureux n.n

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Merci Vittel

"It's a quiet starry place"

'Till the Next,

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Deep Breath Then Dive

"I feel my heart twist and turn But I feel it beat"

(Don't ask me how her right arm was bent like that - I just drew what I saw, ok! :3 )

'Till the Next,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello 2014, nice to meet you! n.n

Somewhere To Go

"Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and all good things will be yours" - Swedish proverb.
"Craignez moins, espérez plus, mangez moins, mâchez plus, gémissez moins, respirez plus, parlez moins, direz plus, détestez moins, aimez plus, et toutes les bonnes choses seront à vous" - proverbe Suédois.

Have a good one y'all!!! Hopefully you, me and 2014 can have some good times together! ;)
Bonne année tout le monde!!! J'espère que toi, moi et 2014 vont avoir des bon moments ensemble! ;)

'Till the Next,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

5, 25, 5 min

Still trying to find 'it'.
Toujours à la recherche.

'Till the Next,

Sunday, December 8, 2013

By Any Other Name

A Rose

Someone once told me there is no such thing as talent, only hard work. While I disagree with this statement, it is true that hard work can trump talent... but when all is said and done, it's Lady Luck that has the final say.
Quelqu'un m'a dit, il n'y a pas du talent, que du travail acharné. Je suis pas d’accord, mais je pense que des fois, travail acharné peut l'emporter sur le talent... mais a la fin de la journée, c'est Lady Luck qui a le dernier mot.

In this case, the youngest MVP in NBA history, a player oozing with raw athleticism and potential, injures his knee and misses an entire season, to come back a season later after months of hard work, sweat and determination, to the elation of fans everywhere (including myself), only to injure his other knee and now be out for another season.
"Derrick Rose is finished", "He'll never be the same again", "Without his athleticism, he's nothing", are phrases that I've heard and seen dotted around. I hope he proves these people wrong.
Dans ce cas, le plus jeune MVP de l'histoire de la NBA, un mec avec l'athlétisme et le potentiel d'ouf, s'est blessé et raté une saison en entier, pour revenir une saison plus tard après des mois du travail archarné, juste pour blesser son autre genou et rate encore une autre saison. Les gens n'ont pas confiance qu'il va revenir si fort après ça... j'espère ils ont tort.

But chance is a funny thing, as is choice.
Some scientists believe there is a parallel Universe for every conceivable outcome of a choice or action (a crazy concept indeed! :D). Somewhere, there is a world with a version of you that passed that exam... a version of you that didn't eat the fish, that decided to walk the long way home, that said yes, that slipped on the curb, that didn't hit the car infront, that won the lottery, that had the courage to go say hello, that stayed, that didn't get sick, that never met her, ...
A version of Derrick Rose who didn't make that decisive wrong move and tear his ACL, who won championships and MVP awards...
Mais le hasard est un truc drôle, comme le choix. Certains scientifiques croient qu'il ya un univers parallèle pour chaque résultat envisageable d'un choix ou d'une action (un concept de de fifou : D). Quelque part, il y a un monde avec une version de toi qui a réussi le concours... une version de toi qui n'a pas mangé le poisson, qui a décidé de prendre le chemin le plus long pour rentrer, qui a dit oui, qui a glissé sur le trottoir, qui n'a pas frappé la voiture devant, qui a gagné le lotto, qui a eu le courage d'aller dire bonjour, qui est resté, qui n'a pas été malade, qui ne l'a jamais rencontré...
Une version de Derrick Rose qui n'a pas déchiré son ACL, qui a remporté des championnats et des MVPs ...

And a version of me that didn't write this post and a version of you that didn't read it :P
Et une version de moi qui n'a pas écrit ce post et une version de toi qui l'a pas lu :P

'Till the Next,